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Postpartum Therapy

This is not what you were expecting...


Your baby has finally arrived after months of nourishing your pregnancy. Despite this new arrival, you feel like you “should” be happier.

Things don’t feel quite right, and you’re beginning to question if you can really show up for this parenting journey. You know you love your baby, but you are exhausted, worried about everything or feel inexplicably sad. You may find that you are unable to sleep, thinking about scary scenarios, neglecting your own care, and grappling with shame and guilt as you struggle to be present with your baby.

You wonder when things will feel better so you could feel in control again. No one really told you this postpartum period would feel so hard!


It is okay not to be okay!  New Moms and Dads commonly struggle…

Postpartum anxiety and depression, affect women during pregnancy and after childbirth. They occur in about 15-20% of the population. 1 in 5 Moms and 1 in 10 Dads experience postpartum depression mood and anxiety.

My Approach to Postpartum Psychotherapy

As a trained perinatal and postpartum therapist, I support you to take charge of the way you think and feel during the postpartum period. Together we help you cope with the worry consuming you, enhance self-resiliency, bond with your child and utilize essential relationships as key supports during this period. Furthermore, we process the transitional changes that having an infant elicit, and support you empathically as you adjust to the demands of parenthood. Together, we personalize postpartum treatment to address your unique needs. In practice, I work with mothers and fathers who are eager to manage postpartum challenges and Thrive.

My Postpartum Wellness Expertise:

With over a decade of Specialty in postpartum Treatment, I have gained a seasoned expertise in treating women struggling with Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-compulsive behavior, and Insomnia. I am a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and utilize CBT- an evidence-based method to manage postpartum distress. I am also trained in CBT-I for Insomnia, which helps me to treat postpartum parents struggling with dysregulated sleep. As an integrative PMADs therapist, I also blend IPT, an active-directive interpersonal therapy approach that aides women struggling with postpartum depression gain relief from emotional distress.

I hold Professional membership with RESOLVE - the National Infertility Association, The American Society of Reproductive Medicine and PSI- Postpartum Support International. I am a Board certified National mental health counselor specializing in Perinatal and Maternal mental health. 


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