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Infertility Psychotherapy for Individuals

Infertility is ranked as one of the most distressing life crises for women, men and couples experiencing it. Unpredictable challenges encountered throughout the process to conceive a child, evokes overwhelming stress and feelings of loss, anger, guilt and sadness. Often, when the expected outcome of pregnancy is not achieved, women, men and couples struggle to cope on their own, a process that can become isolating and overwhelming.

A seasoned Specialist in Psychotherapy for Infertility, my sessions are tailored to support all aspects of your family-building journey. I offer Individuals and Couples a healing space and emphatic collaboration that are vital to maintaining emotional wellness throughout this challenging journey. Having personally navigated the unforeseen path of infertility, I unreservedly understand the emotional, physical and relational impact of this process.


In My Private practice I work with individuals and couples who are:

  • Struggling to Family Build and have received a diagnosis of Infertility

  • Preparing for or currently undergoing Assisted-Reproductive treatment (IUI, IVF, etc.)

  • Experiencing unsuccessful fertility treatments

  • Considering alternative family-building options such as egg, sperm or embryo donation

  • Preparing for and/or beginning the Adoption process

  • Preparing for or have started the use of surrogacy.

  • Considering the termination of the family building process

  • Transitioning to living without children

  • Experiencing male-factor infertility

  • Tackling LGBT family-building options

  • Navigating Secondary Infertility


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