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Pregnancy Loss & Prenatal Wellness

A pregnancy loss during any stage is emotionally painful and can turn your world upside down. I provide specialized psychotherapy for women and couples who suffer miscarriage, stillbirth, pregnancy complications, fetal anomalies, and elective pregnancy termination. Resilience-enhancing therapy is continually offered as you navigate the delicate process of trying to conceive again following the loss of your baby.

In the aftermath of your loss, you likely experience shock, deep sadness, anger, longing or confusion. You and your partner may be preoccupied with why or how you experienced the loss, and feel as if you are lacking a sense of control. Anxiety may cloud your continual family building steps, and you may feel a great sense of isolation as friends and family go on to experience “seamlessly easy” pregnancies.


While it is immensely difficult to cope with the loss of your pregnancy, research indicates that early psychological intervention significantly reduces emotional distress, anxiety and depression in the first year following this experience. In our work together, a warm and healing process awaits you and your partner following the loss of your pregnancy.

Psychotherapy for Pregnancy After Loss

​Congratulations. You and your partner have learned that you are expecting a baby again following your loss. While this is a welcomed pregnancy, many women experience persistent worry, fear and a resurgence of grief associated with the pregnancy they previously lost. During this emotionally delicate time, we will work together to help you manage worry, fear and grief while also fostering balance to embrace your new pregnancy experience.


Psychotherapy for Prenatal Anxiety & Depression

Approximately 6% of women experience Anxiety during pregnancy. Symptoms include constant worry, feelings that something bad may happen, changes in sleep or appetite, internal unrest and physiological discomfort.

Depression may also occur during any stage of pregnancy and is often characterized by irritability, crying and sadness, loss of interest in typically pleasurable activities, hopelessness and changes in sleep and appetite.


You are not alone. In our work together, you will be supported to effectively manage emotional distress stemming from anxiety or dysregulated mood, and acquire tools to help you thrive as you expect your baby’s arrival.


My Pregnancy Loss and Prenatal Wellness Expertise:

With over a decade of Specialty in prenatal and postpartum Treatment, I have gained a seasoned expertise in treating women and couples effected by loss and prenatal distress. I bring my extensive training and specialized practice to our collaborative process and use an array of integrative methods to support Individuals and their partners through this journey.


I hold Professional membership with RESOLVE- the National Infertility Association, The American Society of Reproductive Medicine and PSI- Postpartum Support International. I am a Board certified National mental health counselor specializing in Reproductive and Maternal mental health.

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