Support For Parents of Prematurely-Born Infants

If your baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit, you are likely navigating an array of stressors at this time. The excitement of welcoming your child into the world is complicated by contradictory emotions including fear, anger and sadness. Furthermore, your parent-infant bonding may be interrupted during your baby’s hospital stay, leading to more negative emotions, including guilt. For some new parents, these feelings may escalate into anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress, as their baby’s NICU experience is prolonged.

Many parents like you, are navigating this challenging postpartum period, within the New York City area. You are not alone.

Join the NICU PARENTS SUPPORT GROUP to obtain support, bond with other NICU parents and cope with navigating the physical and emotional challenges of your baby’s hospital life.

Group meets once weekly, for a full hour within a safe and confidential space. Contact me today to learn more about securing your group participation.